It happens often that parents wonder when it is the best time to start with private or semi-private lessons.

Most of the parents normally start kids with group lessons and later transition to private or semi-private lessons, stating that makes the most sense since only at the age of 10 their child becomes more serious about tennis. Opposite to this common belief, I would actually advise for kids age 6 and above to take some private lessons, even if only 30 minute classes (every week or every other week). Developing an amazing foundation and technique helps young junior players later down the road if they decide to play competitive tennis.

In private and semi-private lessons I am able to focus on technique and individual needs, which turned out to be extremely beneficial with all the players that I have worked in the past. Once kids develop the general understanding of strokes there is nothing wrong with adding group lessons, where it is crucial for them to play games and matches against other kids.

Some clients also wonder if five years old is to early to start with private lessons? While there is never too early to start it is best to determine case by case if your child is ready for private lessons. In case you are in doubt, please contact me at and we can schedule a quick evaluation.

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