Dynamic Warm-up:

  1. Jogging with Progressive Arm Circles
  2. Carioca (Shoulders square, rotate from hips down)
  3. Knee-to Chest Tuck
  4. Lunge with Reach Back
  5. Side Shuffle
  6. High Step with Trunk Rotation
  7. Lateral Lunge
  8. Leg Swings (F/B/S) 10 times Each
  9. High Knees
  10. Butt Kicks
  11. Sprint 50/75/100% (Proper running form)

Shoulder Warm-Up

  1. Scap Retractions (Elbow 90degrees, squeeze shoulder blades)
  2. Rows (Shoulder down & back, chest up)
  3. Straight Arm Pull-down (Elbows straight)
  4. ER/IR (Elbow to the side of the body)
  5. 90/90 ER & IR (Hand away from the body, elbow stationery)

Cool Down/Stretches> 30 seconds holds

  1. Sleeper Stretch
  2. Hamstring, Quadriceps, Calves, Chest/Shoulders
  3. Seated Groin Stretch (Back flat lean forward from hips)
  4. Pigeon (Hip Square)
  5. Piriformis Strech (Strech lying on Back)
  6. Hip Rotator Strech (Up & across, shoulders down)
  7. Hip Flexor with Cross Arm Body

Source: USTA Player Development

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